About Capone's Hideout
Capone's Hideout took shape in January of 2010 in the former Village Cafe & Pub. The building has always been serving patrons along Route 21, Milwaukee Avenue, since it was built back in 1910. Al Capone himself used to patron the Polish bar owner and order his favorite ham sandwich. Back in those days, rival gangs were competing for the bootleg liquor rights in the territory and Capone found himself in a bitter feud with the Touhy brothers. This battle led to the murder of John Touhy in the corner of our building producing a blood stain soaked into the wood that remains today.

Today, Capone's Hideout is a neighborhood pub that welcomes those looking to indulge in some of Chicago's notorious history, as well as those just looking to have a good time. Capone's has great drinks, food, pool, darts & beer pong!
Happy Holidays!

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Capone's Hideout